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Baby grow too short in the leg but next size up is way too big.

Amélie outgrew her Baby Grows early, but was lost in the next size up. We think the problem is that her legs are too long in proportion to the rest of her. There was an obvious solution though.

baby grow with no feet
picture of baby hulk

We noticed that when we put Amélie to bed in her baby grow, she couldn't straighten her legs fully as there wasn't enough room. The next day we bought the next size up, but they were too big in the arms and too wide. So we persisted with the correct size for her age.

She seemed happy enough, but I was concerned it may cause her legs to bend or prevent them from growing properly. I suggested that we just cut the feet bits off, and let her feet poke through. Clare thought I was joking but I wasn't.

A couple of days later I went to get Amélie up out of her cot. Something was different, she looked like a little incredible hulk with tattered torn off trousers. Clare had done what I suggested and it worked like a charm, although the quality of her cutting left a lot to be desired. Well either that or my daughter had actually burst through her baby grow, I better not get her angry, I may not like her when she's angry!