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About Dad (a.k.a Alex)

I'm a 33 year old man starting a family. I think everything is going to be straight forward, and everone else makes too much of a fuss and drama out of being a Parent. I laugh at all my friends and relatives who say I'm in for a big shock.

I mean, all they eat and drink in the early days is milk. They can't even talk, how hard can it be?

I'm a pretty useful Magician, and write computer games and animations. Skills that should come in handy when I'm a Father. If any of my creations prove a hit with the Kids, I'll post them on the Website.

I want to share all my experiences on this Website. If I get into trouble I'm hoping other Parents will give me some tips. I hope some people will agree with me and some will disagree so we can get a balanced view.

I want to build up a useful resource for other Parents, and hope we can keep everything lighthearted and fun.