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First little Chattering

Amélie has started chattering and vocalizing in other ways than crying. At a little under 2 months old it's not much to write home about, but to a Parent it's more interesting than the Da Vinci Code.

Since Amélie was born almost 8 weeks ago she has made plenty of noise. For the most part crying, but the odd mumbled word has slipped out probably by fluke. We have a baby monitor and at times I'd have sworn I'd heard someone talking in her room with her, and her giggling back.

I didn't tell Clare for a while as she would have probably thought the nursery was haunted, and got freaked out. When I did tell her she said she had heard the noises too, so I guess she must have been giggling. Although I've never actually witnessed her giggling just heard it through the baby monitor. I can make her smile but can't get her to laugh yet.

Perhaps someone close by has got a baby monitor running on the same frequency, and that is what we are picking up now and again. Or perhaps her nursery really is a portal to hell, it can get pretty warm in there at times. I've got to be careful what I joke about, because Clare actually believes in all that rubbish.

We have heard hiccups (even before she was born), and some pretty impressive sneezes, but things seem to have changed the last couple of days. For minutes at a time she is babbling in quite a low pitch.

Yesterday she was sitting on my knee facing me, a visitor had popped in and was standing behind her talking to me. We were interrupted when she craned her neck right round to see him and started chattering quite loud. No real words, mumbling really, but a definite vocal tone. We all stopped talking and watched in amazement.

As I write this she is mumbling away in her swing. I'm not expecting any real words until 10 months, the baby book my Mum kept when I was a baby says my first words were just before I was 6 months old, so perhaps we may hear something more recognisable as vowels and consonants around then.

There are plenty of developmental stages to go before that though. At 8 weeks some babies will grasp items and she won't do that yet. If you put them in her hand she will, but she's not doing it of her own accord. What I'm really looking forward to is to hear her laugh and giggle, from what I have read she is at about the right age for that to start.

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