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Teaching Our Toddler To Read Part 3

Today we have posted a video of our 20 month old Daughter reading. Can you believe there were people out there thinking we had made all of this up? Tut Tut.

picture of ...

Here is a video of us shamelessly bribing our daughter (with sweets) to read for the video camera. This was shot a few weeks back when she was between 19 and 20 months old. The pronunciation isn't fantastic, I mean she's not even 2 years old until the end of Summer but you get the drift. The only word she pronounces way off is 'nose' which she pronounces 'Om'.

Teaching a very young toddler to read at 18 months

The experiment continues, we have added a few new words and introduced some slightly different games. As I say this was shot a few weeks ago, since then she knows more words but also makes more mistakes than in the video. We think this is due to her reading the first letter then guessing. You can see she is only half paying attention during these times, and when you ask her again she usually hits the jackpot.

Before I close, we did have one thing that surprised me. She learned 'Cat' as her second word, I'd avoided adding 'Car' as it was just so similar looking to 'Cat' and I didn't want to set her up to fail. When we finally added 'Car' (the 23rd word she learned) she correctly identified it after it was mixed in with the other words and also still correctly identified 'Cat'.

That's all for now, if you are following along then please contribute your experiences.