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Second Immunisations at Three Months

Our daughter had her second lot of immunisations at three months old. An injection in each thigh one of which was so long it looked like it was going to come out the other side of her thigh.

Meningitis Injection
picture of Meningitis Injection Box

We took Amélie for her second lot of immunisations at three months old. The immunisations that she had were diptheria, tetnus, pertussis, polio, haemophilus influenzae type b and meningitis C. All except the meningitis C were boosters from the first lot of immunisations. All in all there were two injections.

Below is a quick summary of what disease each injection prevents.

Diptheria: This is a serious disease that can damage the heart and nervous system and in some cases can kill.

Tetnus: This is a disease that affects the nervous system causing muscle spasms and breathing problems. It can also be deadly.

Pertussis: This is commonly known as whooping cough. This can last up to ten weeks. Babies under the age of one are most at risk of catching the illness. For these babies the illness can kill.

Polio: This disease can attack the nervous system and cause permanent paralysis of muscles. It affects mainly the chest muscles and the brain and is also a deadly disease.

Hib: This is an infection that can lead to blood poisoning, pneumonia and meningitis. It can also be deadly if not treated quickly.

Men C: This is an infection in the lining of the brain and is also very serious and can kill.

The day of our appointment for the injections Amélie was to see the Health Visitor first and then the nurse. The Health Visitor seemed happy with Amélies progress, her weight and length were all fine. We then had an appointment with the nurse for Amélies injections.

Alex held Amélie as he did for the last injections and she was to have two injections one in each thigh. She was fine until the needle went in. The needle was so long it looked like it was going to go through the other side of her leg. The poor baby screamed. I must say I would not have liked to have had that injection. She was really not happy but by the time we had left the surgery she had recovered and was back to her normal happy self.

I can happily say that she experienced no side effects from the injections and she seemed as chirpy as she normally is. She is due for her third lot at four months after Christmas. These ones are all boosters from the previous two months and she is to have three injections in total and then there will be no more until she is a year old.