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Update - Day After First Immunisations

Just a little update as we took Amélie for her first Jabs yesterday morning.

baby feeding
picture of baby feeding

Amélie seemed pretty normal all day yesterday after her immunisations. She took her feeds well and slept right through the night just like usual. We took her out this morning almost exactly 24 hours after her injections, she cried for a few minutes while we were getting ready to leave but seemed quite happy after that. We must have been out walking the dogs with her for at least an hour and a quick stop off to buy some supplies on the way back. She slept some of the time, the rest of the time she seemed quite happy, no crying or face pulling.

We have just examined her thighs at the site of the injections. There is a tiny pin prick mark on both thighs, and one of them is raised ever so slightly. There is no sign of any lumps or bumps, no scab, and you really have to look to find them. The marks are on the outside of the thigh nearer the front than the back. When she had them done I thought it was on the back of the thigh but on closer inspection I was wrong.

We took her temperature yesterday when we got home from the doctors, it was 35.8 C degrees and it was the same when we took it again today.

So from what we can tell she doesn't appear to have suffered any obvious adverse effects. In fact this morning she was reaching for my face which is a new development, so she certainly isn't subdued. I'm as sure as I can be that we have made the correct choice for her. I was reading the pamphlet last night, it had a table with 2 headings; 1. Immunisation Name 2. Diseases Protected Against. The latter heading made me feel a little better, after all the reason we made the decision was to protect her.

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