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About Our Manifesto

Why does this Parenting Website exist? Who are we? Where are we going?

We are a pretty normal couple, both of us were 32 years old and never got around to starting a family. I guess it's never a good time, money, work, ambitions etc. With female fertility dropping off steeply after the age of 30, and male fertility dropping in general time was not on our side.

Alex's mind was nagging daily, it was November 2005. We sat down on the floor of our bedroom facing each other and decided on our life priorities.

1. Good health and fitness.
2. Starting a Family.
3. To be in good shape mentally.
4. Healthy Finances.

We were doing a lot of work on all but number 2. It was also the only one on the list that was ticking away time critical. Clare wanted to get Married first, Alex thought that could wait but fertility doesn't wait. Just one more question was left. In the unlikely event that our relationship turns sour, could we both honestly put our child before ourselves and keep to our duties as Parents?

That, we agreed entailed no arguments in front of our child/children, 100% visitation access, and for us to both be positive about the other Parent when talking to the child/children. Lastly the child/children will come before any perspective partners. The answer (as sure as you can be about these things) was yes. We decided to start right away.

We expected this would take a year or so. We were getting on a bit, and most of our friends seemed to have a lot of problems getting pregnant. We were both shocked to get a positive pregnancy test only 2 weeks later.

We started videoing every event since then, even moments after we did the pregnancy test. Alex was going to put his experiences as the prospective Father onto his own Website, there were so many sites by Mothers but only a few by Fathers.

Clare wanted her own Website also, but when we started reviewing each others articles it was obvious we had different points of view. This is where we hit upon the idea of one site for both of us, agreeing and disagreeing. 2 points of view for each article. We couldn't find any Websites with both Parents in the driving seat so her we are,

Alex always planned to write games and animations for our kids, these we thought we could share on the Website along with anything else we find of any use.

So here we are, hoping this Website is of use, and hoping everyone takes it with the big dose of humour which is the spirit in which we are writing it.

Alex & Clare