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Teach your baby to Swim - The Diagrams Part 1

There are now quite a lot of articles about teaching your baby to swim on the Website. I've put together some diagrams, which you may find useful to reference as you read the articles.

Computer Baby
Our computer generated Baby.

I've spent all Weekend drawing the Baby Swim Shorts and you can't really see them in the pictures. What you can see though is the exact positions that we use in the lessons. I think being able to see under the water helps too.

I'll add more of the swimming routines and positions, in part 2, possibly even get some animations up if I have time. I've mixed in real life pictures of myself and Amélie, although my body doesn't quite measure up to the computer version.

Swim Position
This is one of the most basic positions and is used for many routines. Keep yourself low in the water, and try to allow your baby to float rather than supporting them too much with your hands.

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Neutral Position
This position is used for many routines. Your baby is vertical, held by your hands under their armpits. The position doesn't really have a name, I just called it neutral position as it is how we hold our babies most of the time.

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Back Floating
The first back floating position (there are others) we were shown was how I naturally held our baby during bathtime. Supported with your hand under their head. I'm left handed, right handers will want to switch hands. When your baby is small you can have their feet pointing towards your tummy. As they grow you will need to have them slightly to the side.

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More Examples Of Swim Position
More Examples Of Neutral Position
More Examples Of Back Floating
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Any Swimming article on our Website is only our experience, and what we have learned from our Swimming Lessons with Water Babies, and other baby swimming courses. It's up to you to use your own discretion, and at your own risk. We are not responsible for what you choose to do with your own baby.

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