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Teach your baby to swim - The diagrams part 2

More detailed diagrams showing the moves used during our baby's swimming lessons. Following on from part 1 of the baby swimming diagrams.

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Some of the techniques such as 'Humpty Dumpty' and 'holding on' need a swimming pool to illustrate correctly so I've been working on a 3D Swimming pool. I've based it on a cross between where we have our lessons and the baby pool at our local public swimming pool. Both are a similar size and depth (a little less than waist deep).

The bar that the babies hold onto is different though. At some pools it's a kind of gutter, where we have our lessons it's a thick bar (very difficult for a baby to hold onto), and our local pool has the water level so high the edge of the pool is where you hold on. For the model I've used a metal bar.

Cradled Head Holding Back Floating
Here your baby is actually floating on their own. Your hands are cradling them under their head to support them if necessary. Older babies may be less willing to lie still enough. We were told to allow their ears to submerge. I remember this feeling a little precarious at first.

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Sitting On The Side
This position is the start of many routines. Your baby is sitting on the side, held by your hands under their armpits. There is a variation in the more advanced lessons, which I will show in another diagram. The first routine using this start position is 'Humpty Dumpty'.

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More Cradled Head Holding Back Floating
Humpty Dumpty
In the 'Humpty Dumpty' routine your baby starts off sitting on the side of the pool while you say the nursery rhyme. At the appropriate point (Hunpty Dumpty had a great fall) you lift them into the water so they hit chest first and end up in swim position.
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