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39 week check up

Membrane sweep at 41 weeks what is it?

Today I had my antenatal visit at the hospital. The clinic was packed with pregnant women all looking like they were going to give birth very soon. It made me think about my child when it is at school these are the parents of the children that may be her friends.

All went well in the check up the baby's head is well engaged. The midwife booked me back in at week 41, lets hope we don't have to wait that long. This appointment she explained will be to give me a membrane sweep and then to book me in to be induced in case the membrane sweep does not work.

I had not heard about a membrane sweep before until yesterday when Alex told me about it. The midwife today explained a bit more about it. It is an internal examination where the midwife will sweep a finger around the cervix. This should release hormones which should bring labour on within 48 hours. It does not increase the risk of infection to you or the baby. She said that there might be slight spotting and irregular contractions immediately afterwards. If this does not work then the hospital books you in 4 days later to be induced.

We have one week to go to 40 weeks so I am hoping that all will be well and we will have given birth before we have to start thinking about being induced.