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Falling While 37 weeks Pregnant

It is always better to be checked out at the hospital if you fall when pregnant and do not panic the baby is well protected inside mum.

falling while pregnant

It had been an extremely hot day. I waddled down the road to the post box at around 19h30 to post a letter. Whilst crossing the road I fell / passed out I have no idea what happened but it was on a busy road. This lady stopped her car and came over to me to help me I had gone down full force on my right side and instantly bruised my cheek bone, knee, elbow and wrist and I was lying on my front.

I panicked about the baby, she took me to her car which had air con to try and cool me down and I called Alex who was waiting for me at the local pub / beer garden where we were going to have a quiet summer evening drink.(Pineapple juice and lemonade again for me.) He walked up the road to me and we went and sat down. I could not feel the baby. We were both really worried. He was also very angry as I had not had much to eat that afternoon. We drove to the hospital where they were really good I was seen almost immediately. The triage nurse took my blood pressure which was sky high, probably because I was so stressed about the baby and then she took me up to the delivery ward. We met up with a midwife who instantly started to do all the checks. They first felt for the baby who was head down and then started to monitor her heart and movement. Her heart beat was there but the movement took a long time to come. They would not let me off the machine until they were satisfied that the baby had moved enough times.

My blood pressure was taken and had come right back down, I think the relief of hearing the babys heart beat. We were kept at hospital until 1am. I saw the doctor on the ward and was checked over. They were satisfied with the baby's movement but were concerned about my fall and wanted to keep me in for observation over night. The hospital was so hot all I wanted to do was go home so I signed myself out and they asked Alex to watch me for a couple of hours. Everybody at the hospital was so nice and friendly and helpful they all made me feel better. I felt really silly going in as I know if I was not pregnant I would not have gone but they assured me I had done the right thing especially to get the baby checked over . They could not emphasize that it was important to get any concerns checked out right away. They also told me that you should feel your baby move at least 10 times within a 12 hour period and if you feel that the baby has not moved enough then to go and be checked out.

The fall has made me think twice and stop trying to be super woman still trying to do all the tasks as quickly and efficiently as I used to. It is definitely time to slow down for both my health and the babys (and to reduce the grey hairs on Alexs head). If you do take a tumble do not feel an idiot but do go and get checked out.