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Week 10 of Pregnancy

10 Weeks pregnant, a quarter of the way through. Your little baby is developing rapidly and the heart can now be heard with the use of a dobbler. Read more to find out how your baby is developing.

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The Fetus

The baby is now approximately 1.38 to 1.68 inches in length. The baby's eyelids are no longer transparent. The little ones tooth buds begin to form. The testes in the male start to produce the hormone testosterone. By this week the embryonic tail would have disappeared completely. The palate and the roof of the mouth begin to form as well as the taste buds. The external ear and the upper lip are now completely formed.

The Mother

Increase in blood volume in pregnancy can cause your veins to be more obvious in your tummy, legs and breasts. Other changes in the Mother around this time could be:- blotchy skin, weight gain and softening of the gums. During pregnancy you can gain between 30 and 40 pounds. Here is approximately where the weight goes:

The baby 7.5 pounds
The uterus 2 pounds
Placenta 1.5 pounds
Breasts 2.0 pounds
Blood and fluid 8.0 pounds
Fat makes up 7.0 pounds


Week 10 is still an important week of the pregnancy and even though you may find that the symptoms of morning sickness have lifted and you are feeling a lot better it is still important to look after yourself. Your baby will need a lot of calcium to grow and develop and if you are not taking in enough calcium in your diet then the baby will take it from your bones and teeth which will cause them to weaken. To avoid this happening try to double your normal intake of calcium.

My Experience at 10 Weeks

I had the blood tests for the Downs Syndrome test done during this week. These results will be available when we go for the nuchal scan at 12 weeks. During week 10 I still experienced the morning sickness symptoms in the evenings and felt pretty yuck before bed. The nesting feeling that is spoken of during pregnancy definitely had not emerged itself on me over this period as I felt that the housework and washing was getting on top of me due to the lack of energy. I noticed weight gain and looked forward to when I actually looked pregnant as opposed to just feeling and looking slightly overweight.

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