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Week 8 of Pregnancy

Two months Pregnant. How is your baby developing? Read more to find out what is happening to you and your developing baby during the 8th week of pregnancy.

fetus at 8 weeks
picture of fetus at 8 weeks

8 Weeks pregnant, you are now officially in your second month of pregnancy.

The Embryo/Fetus

The tail is finally gone and the baby is now officially a fetus. The word fetus means "little one".
All the major organs are now beginning to function. The feet begin to loose their webbed look and the hands now bend at the wrist. The arms and legs now move and cartilage and bones have begun to form. The eyelids have started to cover the eyes. The ears, eyes and upper lip have become recognizable and the tongue has begun to develop. The eyes have begun to develop pigment in the retina making them more obvious.

The baby's heart will now beat at approximately 150 beats per minute.

The Mother

Your breasts may have changed size and a bigger more supportive bra may be needed. Although it may not be visible to others your waistband may have begun to expand. You are probably still feeling the same as you did last week - nauseous and tired. Not long now and hopefully this will pass.


Drink lots of water not only is it good for you but it is good for the developing baby. By drinking 8 glasses of fluoridated water it is enough for the phosphorous and calcium to help with the developing bones and teeth of the baby.

My Experience at 8 weeks pregnant.

The nauseous was really present during this week and all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep. I found that a slice of toast seemed to calm the sickness down. I also suffered from being really dehydrated and found I was constantly drinking a lot of water. Another calming effect for the sickness and dehydration was chamomile tea. I have not noticed any cravings as yet but I do fancy cheese on toast a lot.

As mentioned before some people suffer the sickness a lot milder and some a lot worse than others each pregnancy is different. Listen to your body it knows best. If you need to rest then rest. Take time out for you and enjoy those daydreams and thoughts of what your life will be like next year this time. If you know any good remedies for morning sickness, please let us know we would love to hear from you.

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