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Week 9 of Pregnancy

9 Weeks pregnant and your little baby is approximately 13-17mm in length and weighs as little as 1 gram. Read more to find out how your baby is developing.

picture of fetus at 9 weeks
picture of fetus 9 weeks

The Fetus

The fetus resembles a peapod in shape. The gonads have become testes (for boys) or ovaries (for girls). The eyelids are fused and will not open until week 27 of the pregnancy. The little one now has elbows and the arms can now bend at the elbows. The fingers and toes are now clearly visible.

It is around this time that thought should be given as to what ante-natal screening you may want. If you are over 34 years of age then you may want to consider the test for Downs Syndrome read our article on the nuchal scan. This test is done in two parts a blood test after 10 weeks and the ultrasound between twelve and fourteen weeks.

The Mother

Your emotions can tend to be all over the place and you may burst into tears for no reason at all. You may also experience yourself feeling quite irritable, moody one day and really happy on another. These emotions are due to the hormones being produced during the pregnancy.


It is important to carry on taking the folic acid until the end of week 12. Staying active can help you have an easier pregnancy and a faster recovery after the birth. Your body gives off a hormone called relaxin during pregnancy which loosens your joints in preparation for delivery, so you need to take care with your choice of exercise.

My Experience at 9 Weeks

There was not much change from the previous week, I still felt the tiredness and the general unwell feeling. I noticed that I had started fancying peanut butter on toast a lot was this a craving?

This week I booked my appointment with the clinic to have a nuchal scan to test for Down's Syndrome. The clinic that does the test in our area costs £190 to have the test as it is not free on the National Health Service. The scan is done at week 12 so a few weeks to wait before we get a peek at what the little one looks like.

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